Jue. Mar 30th, 2023

A California father was arrested Thursday on child pornography charges after his wife allegedly found a hidden camera in a guest bathroom showing more than 900 images of child pornography. The Redding Police Department announced.

Police arrested Ryan Rovito, 34, of Redding, a city about 160 miles north of Sacramento, on a warrant Thursday, just over a week after his wife allegedly found the hidden camera and gave it to him. handed over, along with an attached hard drive, to police. Authorities allegedly discovered the child pornography images and several videos from the camera after performing a forensic analysis on the devices, according to the Redding Police Department.

“The videos showed children and adults using the bathroom who seemed unaware they were being recorded,” police said.

After Rovito’s wife first discovered the camera on March 8, he allegedly «admitted to knowing about the camera but promised to remove and dispose of it,» police said.

Rovito’s wife then turned the electronic devices over to police, «out of fear that Mr. Rovito had infamously recorded his young children using the bathroom,» according to the department. After conducting analysis of the items that yielded hundreds of photos and multiple videos, detectives obtained an arrest warrant for Rovito and took him into custody Thursday during a traffic stop near Buenaventura Boulevard and Placer Street in Redding.

He was booked into the Shasta County Jail on charges related to possession of child pornography and surreptitiously recording an identifiable person being nude, according to Redding police.

As of Sunday morning, his name was no longer on the jail’s online inmate list.

Rovito did not immediately respond to a text message sent to a phone number listed under his name on Sunday. It was not immediately clear if he has an attorney who can speak on his behalf.

Rovito’s wife could not immediately be reached.

The Redding Police Department and the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office did not immediately respond to questions.

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