The presentation of Cristiano Ronaldo for him al nassr saudi monopolizes the first pages of the press today Portugal, where «euphoria» and «madness» are highlighted in the reception of a «player who just wants to play and be happy».

«A unique player, with a unique contract, who just wants to play and be happy», is the title of the Diário de Notícias on its cover, along with a photo of Cristiano and his family at the presentation ceremony in Riyadh.

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The publication highlights that it was «a perfect ceremony» and with «affection and adoration» capable of «returning the lost smile» of Cristiano.

The sports newspaper A Bola headlines on its cover that Cristiano Ronaldo was «received in a climate of euphoria», and recalls that he has even received offers from Portuguese teams, something the player revealed in his first press conference with Al Nassr.

Record describes the captain of the Portuguese team as «King of Arabia» and speaks of «madness» in his presentation, while O Jogo highlights the «pomp and circumstance» of the act.

However, Correio da Manhã, the most widely read newspaper in the country, was more critical and put on its cover that Cristiano «prefers the millions of Arabia to Portugal».

Cristiano Ronaldo, 37, was presented on Tuesday as a new player for Al Nassr, from Saudi Arabia, in a large ceremony attended by some 30,000 people.

a lie

Versions of the English press, also collected by the Spanish newspaper Marca, indicate that the Portuguese could return to the Premier league already play the Champions League, that you already won five times, one with him manchester united (2008) and four with the Real Madrid (2014, 2016, 2017 and 2018).

CR7 could go to newcastle in the event that the ‘magpies’ qualify for the Champions League for next season. Al Nassr would give the Portuguese a loan and would even keep his salary.

However, the same DT of the English cast came up with the versions and clarified the issue.

eddie howe Observe that it is not true that while the Portuguese was negotiating his new contract, the leaders had included the clause so that he could play in the Champions League.

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