Jue. Mar 30th, 2023

A former professional surfer broke the world record for the longest surf session recorded in Sydney on Friday.

Australia’s Blake Johnston jumped into the water at Cronulla Beach, south Sydney, at 1am on Thursday, breaking the previous mark set by South Africa’s Josh Enslin 30 hours and 11 minutes later.

Blake Johnston surfs at Cronulla Beach in Sydney on March 16, 2023. Saeed Khan / AFP – Getty Images

The Australian plans to surf until Friday night, extending the new record to more than 40 hours in the water.

Johnston said he was «pretty cooked» when he briefly returned to the beach to answer media questions after breaking the record, with hundreds of onlookers applauding his achievement.

“Thank you all, you are the best,” he said, before heading back into the ocean.

“Everyone deserves to feel amazing, they deserve to take care of themselves. Good on you.»

On the morning of March 17, 2023, Johnston raised $215,530 which will go towards the Chumpy Pullin Foundation and youth mental health causes.
Johnston spent 40 hours in the waters where he rode more than 600 waves. Saeed Khan / AFP – Getty Images

Searchlights were used at night to help guide Johnston in the waves and medics monitored his health on the beach.

Johnston, who surfed more than 600 waves during his session, set the world record for fundraising for youth mental health initiatives in collaboration with the Chumpy Pullin Foundation.

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