In order to stimulate home sales in the country and resume the favorable path in the sector, Bancoomeva announced the opening of its lines of ‘Credits with Purpose’, through which it offers loans for the purchase of a new or used home at a rate from 0.89% nominal month in arrears (NMV).

(Transmission of rate hike reaches housing credit).

The objective is to achieve a placement of housing loans for a total of $202,117 million pesos at the end of the year.

Likewise, those associated with Coomeva CooperativeYou will be able to access the benefits of the Social Housing Fund, which provides financing through an equity loan that covers 30% of the initial installment of the property, thus eliminating the main barrier of thousands of Colombians who dream of having their own, new or used home. .

(Housing credit in the country is already at pre-pandemic levels).

«This initiative, framed in our credit line with purpose, demonstrates our ongoing commitment to providing affordable financial solutions and thus contributing to the development of our customers and partners,» stated Marco Antonio Rizo, president of Bancoomeva.

(The conditions to access the new housing subsidies).

Within the housing ecosystem of the Coomeva Group, Various lines of credit are available that allow the financing of individual construction and home remodeling projects, likewise, specific solutions have been created for young people and the elderly and access to housing loans is offered to Colombians associated with Coomeva who are they are abroad. All this is complemented by a wide range of strategic agreements and with the benefits offered by the Cooperative through the Social Housing Fund that facilitates access to the down payment.