the future of Juan Fernando Quintero is not yet defined. The second stage of him with Silver river is about to end, after there is no economic agreement to renew the contract with the Argentine club.

In addition to the high request that Quintero made to continue in River, there is an economic issue that complicates the issue.

The economic problem that would prevent Quintero from continuing in River

«As Juan Fernando Quintero is already considered a tax resident in Argentina for living in the country for a year, the Central Bank does not allow him to be paid in dollars and there is no vehicle to pay him abroad (that is, a club that is owner of your pass). Thus, the same money that last year could be paid to the 10 abroad, today cannot be paid in the country”, says the newspaper Olé.

Juan Fernando Quintero (right) celebrates River’s first goal.


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For this reason, it seems very difficult for Quintero to stay at River, since I have to accept receiving my salary in Argentine pesos and lower his claims if he wants to continue wearing the red band shirt.

Press versions assure that there is interest from MLS clubs and that Millonarios and Junior also asked about him, to repatriate him to Colombian soccer.

About a possible interest National Athletic for bringing him back to his ranks (he already played 15 games there and scored two goals in 2012), Quintero himself closed the door: “My blood is red. Thank Nacional from the bottom of my heart, but I am a Medellín fan and I don’t think Nacional wants a Medellín fan,” he said.

Now, according to Olé, another offer appears for Quintero, from a giant on the continent. The source assures that the Colombian could reach the current champion of the Copa Libertadores, flamingo.

The ‘Mengao’ coach, Vitor Pereira, would be very interested in having Quintero and at the time he wanted to reach Fenerbahce, from Turkey. And the offer of that club would be insurmountable to have the Colombian.

According to the Argentine journalist Sebastián Srur, Quintero, who would arrive as a free agent in Brazil, would earn 2.5 million dollars a year at Flamengo, almost 12,000 million Colombian pesos, an unpayable figure for any FPC club.


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