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the former Brazilian coach Adenor Leonardo Bachi ‘Tite’ filed a complaint against the former player and commentator Jose Ferreira Netor, for having insulted him after the elimination of the Canarinha in the quarterfinals of the World Cup in Qatar, official sources confirmed this Friday.

tit denounces

The coach, currently unemployed after leaving the bench of the five-time world champion, sued Neto for the crimes of «slander, libel and defamation» in a Sao Paulo court, where the case was processed on a «priority» basis.

Tite in the defeat against Croatia

Neto, a former soccer player who had a stint with Millionaires of Colombia in 1993, referred to Tite as a «son of a bitch», «unfortunate», «scoundrel», «donkey» and «idiot». on his Os Donos da Bola program on December 9, moments after the Brazilian team lost in a penalty shootout against Croatia in Qatar 2022.

As a player, Neto won in 1988 at the Olympic Games in Seoul, along with Bebeto, Careca, Romário and Taffarel, among others, the second Olympic silver medal in Brazilian men’s soccer.

The presenter also directly blamed the former Corinthians coach «Neymar failed to shoot because of a penalty» on that occasion and accused him of «not thinking about the people.» «Idiot, you lost the World Cup easier! Tite is a softie! He is responsible for the elimination,» said the former player, famous for his histrionic style on television.

Tite, coach from Brazil.


Sebastian Moreira. efe

Tite’s defense stated in the complaint that the expressions used make up an «unequivocal set of offenses», with a «highly pejorative character» that seeks to «damage the honor» of his client.

For this reason, they ask the judge to be sentenced based on articles 140 and 141 of the Brazilian Penal Code, which provide for penalties of 1 to 6 months in prison or the payment of a fine, a punishment that could be increased by a third depending on the level dissemination of the offense.

Neto’s inflamed reaction was also broadcast on YouTube, where the Os Donos da Bola program has 2.24 million subscribers, and at the time it went viral on other digital platforms.


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