Jue. Mar 30th, 2023

Former US President Donald Trump announced this Friday his return to the social network Facebook, the same day that YouTube announced that it was lifting its restrictions against the tycoon.

In the early afternoon, Trump sent a message in all caps to announce: «I’m back!», and he did it accompanied by a video (corresponding to the day of his presidential election) in which he appears saying: «I’m sorry I made you wait. (There were) complications.»

He was suspended for posting content that the platforms said incited a riot.

Then an election-type poster appears promoting his candidacy for the next presidential elections: «Trump 2024, Make America Great Again.»

The post is the first Trump has made on Facebook after the company announced last January that the former president could use the platform again.

Trump was banned from the main social networks -Facebook, Twitter or YouTube- after his followers’ assault on the Capitol.

He was suspended for posting content that the platforms said incited a riot.

So, he created his Truth social network with which the media claimed they had signed an exclusive contract, but everything indicates that the contract would have expired or is no longer valid.

YouTube announced its reinstatement on Friday, two months after the giant Meta announced that it was restoring Trump’s Facebook and Instagram accounts.

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On the other hand, a federal judge will surely this Friday that Trump’s lawyer, Evan Corcoran, testifies before the grand jury in the so-called Mar-a-lago case, about the mishandling of classified documents by the Republican.

The Hill portal, which cites several concurring sources, says that Judge Beryl Howell has indications that the lawyer gave Trump advice to allow him to commit a crime, beyond fulfilling the strict task of representing his client.

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According to The Hill, this appearance can make Corcoran a key witness in the case and allow rapid progress in a case in which the Prosecutor’s team has already scrutinized no less than 300 classified documents improperly extracted by Donald Trump.


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