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colombian cowboys will play the semifinal of the Caribbean Baseball Series this Thursday, after securing their classification, which they obtained despite the defeat against Venezuela 7×4.

José Rondón had a two-run hit in the ninth inning and certified this Wednesday a 7-4 victory for the hosts Leones del Caracas, from Venezuela, against the Vaqueros de Montería, from Colombia, which is worth a pass to the semifinals of the Caribbean Series.

Caracas, with a 5-2 record, joins the Mexican Cañeros de Los Mochis (5-2), the
Vaqueros (4-3) and the Dominicans Tigres del Licey (4-3) in the semifinals on Thursday, leaving the Puerto Rican Indios de Mayagüez (4-3) by tiebreaker criteria. Mexico will intersect with the Dominican Republic and Venezuela, again, with Colombia. The final will be on Friday.

The previous 9-3 victory of the Puerto Ricans against the Cañeros forced the Venezuelans, led by José Alguacil, to win. The big league pitcher Jhoulys Chacín complied by throwing five innings, in which he produced five hits and three runs, struck out four and walked two, thus claiming the victory. Anthony Vizcaya reached three saves in the tournament.

The match left for the record books the fourth triple play in 65 editions of the tournament, signed by Vaqueros. After passing Oswaldo Arcia and José Rondón in the fifth act, the waiter Dayan Frías took a hit from Carlos Rivero that stung, stepped on the base to force Rondón at second base, he tagged Arcia on the run and threw a first for first baseman Dilson Herrera to retire Rivero.

The Leones, in urgency, wasted no time and scored three scores in the second inning: a Francisco Arcia double prompted the first of those runs and a hit to the center by Ali Castillo the other two. Colombia responded in that same episode with a score, towed by Fabián Pertuz’s uncatchable.

Two runs extended the Leones’ lead in the third inning, with a walk to Carlos Rivero with the bases loaded and a groundout by Orlando Arcia that allowed his brother Oswaldo to score. The fifth inning was excellent for the
Vaqueros, with their triple play on defense and a run on offense, scored by Pabel Manzanero after reaching base with a biangular shot.

Francisco Acuña brought him home with a single. Manzanero starred in a new Colombian attack in the sixth, with a double that presented two more and left a minimal difference on the board. Rondón calmed down the locals when the rival pressed. Consuming a turn in the ninth inning with the bases loaded, he hit his game-winning drive.

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fourth triple play

The Vaqueros de Montería, from Colombia, gave the Venezuelan Leones de Caracas the fourth triple play in 65 editions of the Caribbean Series on Wednesday.

After successive walks to Oswaldo Arcia and José Rondón in the fifth inning, the waiter Dayan Frías took a ball from Carlos Rivero that stung, stepped on the bag to force Rondón to second base, tagged Arcia in the race and threw to first so that first baseman Dilson Herrera will retire Rivero.

This is how this exceptional launch was cooked, the fourth since the Caribbean classic began to be played in 1949, according to the statistical firm Quality Sports. The previous ones were Tigres de Marianao (Cuba) against Indios de Mayagüez (Puerto Rico), on February 11, 1957; de Mayos de Navojoa (Mexico) against Águilas Cibaeñas (Dominican Republic), on December 5, 1979; and of Toros del Este (Dominican Republic) before their own
Jeans on February 3, 2020.


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