One of us is lying – Image: NBC Universal

The second season of one of us is lying It just landed on Netflix worldwide (except the US), and you may be looking to see if we’ll be back for season 3. At the moment, its future remains anyone’s guess.

One of Us is Lying is the teen mystery thriller series that aired weekly on Peacock in October 2021 and returned for Season 2 via binge in October 2022. It then hit Netflix in all international regions a few weeks later, where it is classified as a Netflix Original.

While Season 2 wraps up nicely (spoiler alert) with the reveal of Simon Says’ identity as Bayview Five connects the dots, there are still plenty of directions the show could go in the future.

The creator of the program has expressed his hope in a renewal talking to TVLine.

Erica Saleh told them, «What deeper evil lurks below the surface in Bayview is something I’m very excited to explore in Season 3.»

Has one of us is lying Has it been renewed for a season 3?

Unlike season 2 (which was renewed before season 1 was added to Netflix), we have to wait for an official announcement about the future of one of us is lying.

In the case of one of us is lying, it’s not really up to Netflix to renew in the first instance. That’s because, as we mentioned earlier, Netflix is ​​simply the international distributor of one of us is lying.

Now, if we’re being honest, Peacock hasn’t had the best record for renewing their shows beyond a season 2.

If NBC Universal and Peacock decide to pass on the third season, Netflix may step in and save the show for a third season. that’s something recently did with girls5evabut in that case, Netflix didn’t have the international rights and viewing data beforehand.

Speaking of viewing data, while season 1 appeared on Netflix’s top 10 data site, season 2 has yet to.

Flix Patrol suggests that the show does well across Europe and hasn’t had a huge decline from dropping out of the top 10.

flixpatrol data for one of us is lying netflix

FlixPatrol data for One of Us Is Lying – Image: FlixPatrol

We will keep you informed about the future of one of us is lying as we get it, but until then, let us know in the comments if you’re looking forward to another season on Netflix.